GO Trains… Go Fish… Go Nuts!

Like many of you, I commute to work. And like many of you, I hate it with a fiery passion that rivals the highest setting on a conventional oven. Alas, ...

Brand New Day

Two-hundred-and-ninety-one days have passed since my last post on this site. That’s a pretty long vacation by anybody’s standards. But to be honest, I think it’s the 20-minute struggle to ...

Mushroom And Swiss Cheese Strata

The Globe and Mail is pairing it with bacon and spinach. Longos makes it using cream cheese and smoked salmon. But today, the BLT Project is taking strata into new ...


Korean-Marinade Glazed Meatballs

There’s something about a memorable meatball – the kind that’s not just ...

Montreal Spiced Chicken Wings

When you think of a food that’s considered a delicacy, the chicken ...

Apple& Raisin Grilled Cheese

Welcome to the year 2012. A new year usually spells a new ...

More Recipes

Mushroom Soup Bread Bowl

There are only three worthwhile things that came from the Medieval Ages: The Medieval Times dinner and show; the rich source of inspiration from which many awesome and successful role-playing games and video games borrow from and last but not lease; eating food off of stale bread in lieu of dinnerware. You see, back in the Middle Ages, many […]

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Chipotle-Tuna Melts

Life’s dotted with universal laws: what comes up, must come down; do unto others as you would have them do unto you and now here’s another one: everything tastes better with cheese. Don’t confuse this post as a PSA from the Dairy Farmers of Canada because last time I checked they were still running those Milk […]

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Fridge Cleaner Chow Mein

Cooking can be intimidating en-devour when you’re watching professionals hard at work on the tv screen or while they’re doing their thing in the kitchen. But ask yourself this: these chefs may be able to talk the talk, but can they wok the wok? … The answer is yes. But only because anyone can use a wok […]

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Pork and Chive Wontons

Fact: soups aren’t filling. Nobody gets full from a soup. When’s the last time you ordered a soup as a main dish? How often have you you gone, “oh man. I’m stuffed. I can’t take another millimeter of this delicious broth,” after eating a bowl of soup? Never. That’s how often. That’s why moms and dads threw in veggies […]

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