Montreal Spiced Chicken Wings

When you think of a food that’s considered a delicacy, the chicken wing doesn’t make the list for many people. After all, where there’s chicken wings there’s bound to be booze, plenty of sticky fingers and where’s the delicacy in any of that? Testosterone? Sure. But a delicacy? Check again.

Yes, chicken wings have a tough time shaking the images of parties and bars (they have a hard time doing things in general since they’re just pieces of meat) but if you give it some thought, there’s a reason why the wing is so popular: it’s strikes the balance between flavour and texture. Whether you like that satisfying crunch of the breaded wing, enjoy the moist and tender meat, or you’re a fan of all things the sweet, tangy, or savoury; the chicken wing is the missing link between taste and texture.

I served the first ever wings I made to a number of my friends one September night and the response was unanimous: they were too goddamn spicy. But that’s what you get when you toss your wings in a sauce made up of 90% Sriracha sauce. Gently reminded that not everyone likes their food spicy, I set out to find a better balance in the sauce department (read: something that wouldn’t incinerate my friends’ taste buds).

I found my answer back at home in Mississauga when my mom introduced me to Montreal Steak Spice –a blend of black pepper corns, salt, garlic, coriander, dill seed and red pepper flakes–  it’s a very popular rub on steaks that packs some heat and makes a very versatile marinade for any cut of meat when mixed with soya sauce and sugar.

Armed with this knowledge and with the opening of a new Bulk Barn nearby my university, I decided it was a good time to try my hand at chicken wings once again. I then learned that in addition to carrying Montreal Steak Spice, Bulk Barn carries a Montreal Chicken Spice. Chicken Spice and chicken wings? The perfect pairing that led to the eventual creation of Montreal Spiced Chicken Wings. Sweet and sticky on the outside with a subtle undertone of heat, this is a recipe that all fans of wings can enjoy so nobody ever needs to “chicken out”.

Montreal Spiced Chicken Wings

A BLT Original Recipe

-2 lbs of chicken wings, tips removed

-2 tbsp of Montreal Chicken Spice

-2 tbsp of sesame seeds

-1/4 of a cup of soya sauce

-1/3 of a cup of water

-1 tbsp of minced garlic

-1 tbsp of sugar

-2 tsp of mustard

Makes roughly 14 wings

1. Start by washing the chicken under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Now, using a sharp knife, remove the tip from the rest of the chicken wing. To do so, feel around between the joint where the wing meets the tip; there you will find a groove or notch where you knife should fit in naturally. Cut to separate.

2. In a large bowl, add the sugar and chicken spice followed by the soya sauce, water, garlic and mustard. Whisk well to combine.

3. Add in the chicken and toss to evenly coat. Sprinkle the wings with the sesame seeds. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

4. When ready to bake, preheat your oven to 350ºF. Bake for 40 minutes on a lightly oiled tray, flipping the wings over after 20 minutes.

5. Savour with a friend, a lager (or three) and plenty of Wetnaps.


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