Fridge Cleaner Chow Mein

Cooking can be intimidating en-devour when you’re watching professionals hard at work on the tv screen or while they’re doing their thing in the kitchen. But ask yourself this: these chefs may be able to talk the talk, but can they wok the wok?

The answer is yes. But only because anyone can use a wok and because anyone can make a stir fry. For the unfamiliar, a wok is a large, round basin with high sides that are excellent for stir-frying –a style of cooking that requires high heat, thinly sliced cuts of vegetables or meats and a lot of movement.

Now, if you don’t have a wok, a large skillet or frying pan will do. The technique of stir-frying just in universal and only requires you to move whatever you’re cooking really fast so nothing burns and since all your ingredients are thinly cut, everything ends up cooking quickly.

While this recipe calls for onions, scallions, bell peppers and carrots, that’s only because that’s all there was left in the fridge. The reality is that just about anything can be used in a stir-fry, hence the the name “fridge cleaner”. Do you have baby corn in your pantry? Throw it in. Red peppers? Throw it in. Ginger? Throw it in. If you’re looking for a little more sustenance, most markets sell cuts of beef made for stir-frying or thaw a few frozen shrimp which will pair excellently with any of the aforementioned veggies.

A side note:  if you’re using broccoli or any other thick and hard vegetable, you’ll need an ice bath for blanching. Blanching is a technique where you take a vegetable, plunge it in boiling water, letting it cook for a short amount of time and then stopping the cooking process by submerging the veggies in ice cold water. By blanching the broccoli you’re pre-cooking it of sorts so it’ll finish cooking at the same time as your vegetables when you toss them in the wok.

The Fridge Cleaner Chow Mein

A BLT Project Original Recipe 

What’s In It:

-Six small packages of egg noodles (roughly 3 cups of cooked noodles)

-Two carrots, peeled and sliced into thin diagonal strips

-One large green bell pepper, sliced into strips

-Half of a large white onion, julienned

-One head of broccoli, diced (Roughly two cups of small stems and florets)

-One scallion, thinly sliced diagonally

-Three tbsp of hoisin sauce

-Two tbsp of oyster-flavored sauce

-Two tbsp of vegetable oil

– One tbsp of flour

-One tsp of salt for the noodles

– salt and pepper to taste

-Four cups of water

Serves two to three people

1. Let’s start by creating an ice bath: you’ll need a bowl (preferably one made of metal) and fill it with cold water and roughly 12 large ice cubes. Blanch the broccoli in a medium-sized pot of salted, boiling water; leaving them in the boiling water for two minutes and plunging them into the ice bath. Set aside.

3. Bring the water used to blanch the broccoli to a boil. Toss in your egg noodles and cook for four minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain and plate the noodles.

2. Now, in a heated wok or large skillet, add your oil followed by your carrots and green peppers. Sauté for three to four minutes.

3. Add garlic and brocoli and stir occasionally for 2 minutes.

4. Toss in your onions, scallions, sauces and the flour to thicken. Simmer for three minutes.

5. Serve over egg noodles and savour.


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